The Blues finished Michaelmas Term unbeaten and the top of their league (Midlands 2A) after a string of strong performances. This year’s Blues team sees a mixture of new and established combinations taking to the court, with the return of Zoë Starbuck (Netball Blue 2018) and the introduction of second-year Rachel Mercer stepping out alongside the defensive end of Tabbie Brough, Thea Krumins and Fenna Agnew, who are now in their third year of playing together in the Blues.

Despite achieving six wins, Michaelmas has not been without its problems for the Blues. Both Rachel and Caitlin sustained injuries which ruled them out of matches, yet strong whole-team performances and support from the Jays meant that the Blues were able to remain unbeaten. Special shout-outs are due to the shooting duo of Clodagh and Zoë, who played the full 60 minutes for 3 consecutive matches as a result of Caitlin’s injury (although Millie and Thea were eagerly waiting in the wings to step in and shoot should the need arise).

Lent Term looks to be a tough one for the Blues, with matches every week including against the two teams lying 2nd and 3rd in the league; however, the strong performances and great team spirit of the Blues throughout Michaelmas leave me hugely confident that Lent Term will prove equally as successful.

Millie Quayle, Blues Captain

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 The Blues after beating Oxford Brookes and Loughborough 4s



Caitlin Reilly (3rd year, Magdelene)
Clodagh Bottomley (2
nd year, Trinity)
Zoë Starbuck (1
st year postgrad, Wolfson)
Millie Quayle (Captain, 3rd year, Jesus)
Rachel Mercer (2
nd year, Selwyn)
Rosie Schofield (MPhil, Homerton)
Tabbie Brough (
Vice-Captain, 6th year, Queens’)
Fenna Agnew (3rd year, Churchill) 
Thea Krumins (4
th year, St John’s)
Clare Pearson (5th year, Fitzwilliam)


League Match Results:

Blues 44 25 Oxford Brookes 1s

Blues 50 36 Loughborough 4s

Blues 46 35 Birmingham 4s

Blues 50 29 Loughborough 4s

Conference Cup Results:

Blues 76 43 Coventry 2s

Blues 50 32 Cambridge 2s