There are a total of 63 College teams in total, organised into 4 Ladies Leagues and 4 Mixed Leagues, and you are encouraged to get involved in them throughout Michaelmas and Lent Term.

There are league matches every weekend,  with a range of abilities so everyone can get involved! It’s a great way to get involved in college sport at Cambridge.

Rules & Code of Conduct

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Only resident ‘bona fide’ student members of the University (undergraduate or postgraduate) are eligible to play in the League or Cuppers. For the purposes of this regulation a ‘bona fide’ student is defined as one who is in statu pupillari and is therefore:
    – a matriculated member of a college; and
    – currently reading for a recognised degree of the University; and
    – fulfilling the University residence requirements in both time and place.
  • If – and only if – prior permission is obtained from the League Secretary, the following members of the University may also compete:
    – other members of the University (e.g. fellows or employees), affiliated to a college; or
    – members of the University who are not affiliated to a particular college (who may play for any college).
  • ‘Bona fide’ degree students at Anglia Ruskin University are deemed to be equivalent to college students (see (1)).
  • Members of the Clinical Medical and Veterinary Schools may also compete as separate colleges and/or for their own college.
  • Visiting students officially recognised by the University or a college are eligible provided they satisfy one of the above requirements.


Playwaze is an online toolkit and app being used by the University of Cambridge College Sport Community aiming to allow participants to stay up to date with fixtures and league tables.
The link below will take you to the Playwaze home page (or you can download the Playwaze app) so you can get started!
  • Create an account.
  • Using the search tool, search providers for “University of Cambridge”.
  • One of the options should be “University of Cambridge College Sport”, click this and “Join”, “Joining myself”.
  • Within this, there will be a section labelled “Cambridge College Netball”, join this.
  • Join the community labelled “College Netball Leagues” – this may be in the “Other Communities Section”.
    • Within this section you can select your division and see fixtures etc.; for example, “Ladies – Division 1”.
    • Here you will be able to see your fixtures and the league table for your division.
  • Captains will still need to email the League Secretary after every match with the score so that the league tables can be updated.


Alternatively, you could view the League tables through the CamUniSport website:

Fixtures 2021/22

The home team is the team shown first. It is the responsibility of the home team to organise the venue and time of the match, which should be during or before the week specified. Contact details can be found on the Contact List. To obtain the password you should contact the League Secretary.

It is the responsibility of both team Captains to send the score to the League Secretary as soon as possible; captains should also keep an independent record of their results. See section below for results submission.

Teams Michaelmas 2021
Ladies 1 Ladies 2 Ladies 3 Ladies 4 Mixed 1 Mixed 2 Mixed 3 Mixed 4
1 Queen’s 1 Downing 1 Homerton Robinson Emmanuel 1 Clare Selwyn Magdalene
2 Fitzwilliam Murray Edwards 1 Girton Madgalene St Edmund’s Christ’s Gonville & Caius Vets
3 St John’s 1 Pembroke Christ’s Peterhouse Jesus Pembroke Downing Homerton/ Peterhouse
4 Churchill Vets Sidney Sussex King’s St John’s Medics Emmanuel 2 Hughes Hall 1
5 Newnham St Catherine’s Trinity Clare Trinity Robinson Girton Hughes Hall 2
6 Jesus Hughes Hall/Lucy Trinity Hall Trinity Hall Fitzwilliam Sidney Sussex Hughes Hall 3
7 Selwyn Gonville & Caius St John’s 2 Churchill Corpus Christi King’s Jesus 2
8 Emma Murray Edwards 2 Wolfson St Catherine’s St John’s 2


Fixtures Michaelmas 2021 – IGNORE FOR NOW

Ladies 1 & 2



Ladies 3 & 4 and Mixed 1, 2 & 3

Week Rest


Mixed 4

Week Rest


Week Dates

Week Dates
1 07/10/21 – 13/10/21
2 14/10/21 – 20/10/21
3 21/10/21 – 27/10/21
4 28/10/21 – 03/11/21
5 04/11/21 – 10/11/21
6 11/11/21 – 17/11/21
7 18/11/21 – 24/11/21
8 25/11/21 – 01/12/21


Results 2021/22

Teams should submit their results online and also fill in and sign their results sheet at the end of each match. You may need to submit it to the League Secretary at the end of term in the event of a dispute.


College League Results Submission

League Points System:

Teams receive:

+5 points for a win
+3 points for a draw
+1 point for losing but achieving half or more of the winning team’s score
+2 points for completing all fixtures within the allotted time
-1 point for not providing a fair, knowledgeable umpire
-5 points for not attending umpiring session
-5 points for conceding 3 or more matches
-5 points for breaking a League Rule (See League Rules 2012/13)

Ladies Winners 2020

Fitzwilliam College

Previous winners:

2021- Unranked due to COVID-19
2019- Queen’s
2018- St Johns
2017- St Johns
2016 – Downing
2015 – Downing
2014 – Sydney Sussex
2013 – Downing
2012 – Queen’s

Mixed Winners 2020

Jesus College

Previous winners:

2021- Unranked due to COVID
2018- Trinity
2017 – Trinity
2016 – Downing
2015 – Downing
2014 – Emmanuel
2013 – Jesus
2012 – Corpus Christi

College Netball 2020-21