Swallows began their match against Leicester 3’s with a questionable start. A few missed shots and challenging play left the first quarter at a dizzying 16-7 to Leister. The Swallows realised they had to step up their game. Team changes and a brilliant motivational talk by Captain Grace led us onto the court for quarter 2. Fuelled by Haribo tangfastics cherries, the ball was being carried down the court with sure hands resulting in a tight quarter with the Swallows easing back the goal difference from the first quarter to a respectable 24-18 to Leicester at halftime.


Another reshuffle of team combinations and more Haribos generated springing leaps and intercepts throughout the court, the third quarter left a small margin to be caught up and the Swallows were not going to let their momentum go. 4 goals down at the end of quarter number 3, they knew they were capable of fighting for more. And this is exactly what they did. Storming into the lead in the final quarter with Ines making amazing intercepts in C and amazing defensive play throughout the court. There was no stopping the Swallows as they shot 13 goals to 4, bringing them into an astounding lead of 36-31 to Cambridge! This surely must be the comeback of the season so far.


Player of the match: Ines Lefranc