The Swallows game against Brookes 3s had all the thrills and excitement, nervousness and fears as the first game of the season should.

The first quarter ended with Brookes up 12-9 and with a Swallows team wishing they’d done a bit more summer fitness. But thanks to some pinpoint shooting by Kat Heylen and Georgia Baker, Cambridge were up 24-22 at halftime. From here the Swallows ruled the rest of the match. Maddie Dalgleish’s quick feeds flew across the shooting circle and defense from Georgia Tooth and player of the match Lucy Wilkinson shut down Brookes shooters.

Cambridge won the final quarter by a 7 goal lead to finish the match with a definitive 50-40 win. This was a great start to what will be a really exciting season for the Swallows and what a way to kick it off with an away win so near to the Other Place. We’re looking forward to the same again next week playing in Leicester!