It’s nearly Christmas and term has finished (even for our medics). We’re all looking forward to a well-earned break and a rest from the hard work and training of term.

CULNC has shown a strong start this season with amazing netball from all of our four teams. It would be impossible to cover all the impressive play that CULNC has shown this season, so here are a few highlights!

The Wrens played a series of tough matches against local teams, winning against Cojags 4 and Swifts. They went from strength to strength while battling through challenging weather conditions – although I’m sure they’re glad they didn’t face the snow we’ve seen this week.

Swallows flew undefeated into the top of their BUCS division league table- on track to promotion. I have no doubt that they will continue flying high and swoop into the next half of the season on the wings of this brilliant start.

The Jays have had a difficult start to the season but secured a win 43-42 as their final game. We’re all confident that this will set them up for more wins in the upcoming Varsity match and the next half of the season.

For the first time in 5 years, the Blues beat the O*ford side. They’re settled into a competitive 3rd place in their 1st division of the BUCS league and CULNC are rooting for more wins (especially against O*ford) and potentially another promotion!

It’s clear that all our hard work is really paying off. All our teams have been training earnestly and are improving faster than ever. We’re excited to go into the next half of the season, fuelled by mince pies and mulled wine as essential netball nutrition for the upcoming Varsity matches!