The Jays take on Loughborough 3s!

In the first Jays match of the 2021-2022 season, captained by India Foster, they were up against Loughborough Threes, a strong contender for topping the division. However, this did not phase the team who made a strong start with some fearless shooting from Anna van Velsen and Kate Godsmark. Energy was high and, matched with some excellent netball, the Jays were leading by 4 goals. Soon enough Loughborough pulled back and then ahead, ending the first quarter 13-10 to Loughborough.


In the second quarter Loughborough continued their scoring streak by their dynamic shooting duo (who didn’t seem to miss!). The Jays kept fighting, but soon enough Loughborough started getting tips throughout the court, causing them run away with the quarter ending 35-14 to Loughborough.


In normal circumstances with such a large score difference, any other team might have given up. However, the Jays came out with extreme focus and perseverance to not let Loughborough topple them completely. Huge defence from Astrid Williams and Libby Bryant enabled 15 turnovers in the Loughborough shooting circle – this truly rattled the shooters. This paired with patient play through centre court enabled an amazing conversion rate for the Jays. It was a marvel to watch with some excellent feeding from Amelia Burdett into the shooters Anna van Velsen and Alex Telford. The determination seeped through from the sideline with Suzannah Hickie and Lucy Patchett screaming words of encouragement. At the end of the third quarter the Jays had pulled back ever so slightly to 42-24 to Loughborough.


The final quarter was similar to the second, with fitness having only played 10- or 12-minute quarters starting to show. The team finished with courage and a smile on their faces against a difficult opponent, the final score being 27-63 to Loughborough and Astrid Williams taking player of the match. Being able to win the third quarter has set the team up for an excellent next game against the purple netball giants. Here’s to next time!