Missing your netball fix during the long summer months? Look no further because here is the new CULNC podcast! This week our president Rosie had a chat with Mary (both Homerton) about her international netball career and her time at CULNC – you can find our new podcast on Spotify, iTunes, Googleplay and other platforms by searching ‘Keeping Tabs with CULNC’.

The link to the Spotify playlist is: https://open.spotify.com/show/4mSEYtLqb04x8uQSu1s4wB?si=1suYFWRTRharB4VwqnnsVg Stay tuned for more coming soon and hope you enjoy!

“In this episode of Keeping Tabs with CULNC, I chat to Mary Carson about her pathway to playing netball for Northern Ireland. We discuss balancing University work and playing high level sport and look back at her year at Cambridge, playing netball for Cambridge University Ladies’ Netball Club. Some highlights include why rowing maybe isn’t for everyone, Mary failing to keep a secret from the Northern Ireland national squad and the changing room antics behind the Blues’ most exciting match this year!”