Introducing Episode 2 of our new CULNC podcast: Yoga with Annabel and Millie!

Hear how yoga has helped Millie and Annabel (both Jesus) deal with serious knee and ankle injuries, and their thoughts on puppy and goat yoga! The Spotify link to this episode is Stay tuned for more coming soon and hope you enjoy!

“In this episode of Keeping Tabs with CULNC, Millie and Annabel explain why everyone can and should do yoga. We discuss the mental health benefits of taking a break from the stress of everyday life to be calm and in tune with yourself, as well as the potential for yoga to improve your strength, flexibility and balance, whether you are new to and reluctant to exercise or part of an intense training programme. Yoga has helped both Millie and Annabel overcome netball injuries and we consider what yoga has to offer a high impact sport, such as netball.”