The Jays start started the quarter going two up, breaking Nottinghams’s centre pass. Nottingham’s defence read the game well and challenged all lifted passes around the circle. A very well drilled and speedy Notts team ended up taking the first quarter 11-5.

Nottingham continued to build on their lead with a rush of goals at the start and end of the second quarter. The Jays’ speed picked up but Notts kept up their defensive effort and maintained their relentless attack. The second quarter was Nott’s strongest quarter. At halftime it was Nottingham 25-9 Cambridge.

The third quarter saw Cambridge winning some more balls back with physicality building on both sides. The Jays took advantage of a tired Notts team and played with much more patience, keeping possession of the ball down court.

The final quarter saw the same patience persist. And the defence again stepped up to keep Nottingham to their lowest quarter score of 10 goals. Overall some great defensive turnovers and improving patience with the ball on attack meant that Cambridge finished the match with our best quarter. The final whistle saw the score read Nottingham 46 – 17 Cambridge.

Player of the match: Amelia Burdett