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Welcome to Cambridge University Ladies' Netball Club! My name is Sophie and I’m Club Captain for the 2018/19 season. 

This year, for the first time, we will be selecting squads for 4 teams at the beginning of the year, and we are on the lookout for new netballing talent to join our existing club members. We have players whose experience range from playing school Netball to playing Superleague, so we encourage players of all standards to come along to pre-season and trials.

Preseason will begin on Monday 24th September until Sunday 30th and will be hosted at Cambridge University Sports Centre. The week will include three netball training sessions and fitness to help everyone get back into the swing of things! A completed timetable including timings will be uploaded onto the website soon.

Trials will be held the following week on Friday 5th October 4-6pm, make sure you register by emailing slm90@cam.ac.uk with your Name, College, Netball experience and 1st and 2nd choice positions. 

For those interested in our summer fitness plan please get in touch. There is a fitness plan spanning 6 weeks that should prepare you nicely for preseason and hopefully the season ahead!

We love to hear from anyone that is interested in joining CULNC so feel free to send me an email, and I look forward to meeting you soon! 

Sophie Maitland

CULNC Club Captain 2018/19



BLUES 80 - 21 BEDFORD 1sts

Cambridge expected this game to be the toughest game of the season with Bedford having just been relegated from the league above and being just below Cambridge in the league. As a result the Blues went out hard aiming to give their best possible performances. All the team certainly delivered. Every single player on the court had an absolute stormer; from the unstoppable defence of Laura Spence, Charlotte Plumtree, Hayley Smith and Jodie Green, to the phenomenal shooting of Izzy Bell, Frances-Lee Barber and Sophie Hussey. In centre court, Nicky Taylor also had a fantastic performance, alongside Emily Coulter, giving beautiful passes and providing lovely movement down the court. The Blues took a huge victory of 80-21 over Bedford, that was incredibly well-deserved by the all-round dazzling performances.

Written by Emily Coulter

MoM: Charlotte Plumtree 
JAYS 58 - 26 OXFORD 2nds

Heading to Iffley Road is always a daunting task, especially when the Jays were confronting memories of Varsity 2013. However, it was time to put this behind us as the Jays looked to the match in a positive light - this was our turn to win! Dominating the game from the start, the shooting duo of Maddy Eno and Emily Elliott were on fire in attack, whilst the defensive unit of Zoe Sciver, Charlotte Salisbury and Kate Garden kept Oxford out. With the score standing at 27-11 at half-time, this was really our game to lose. A shaky third quarter only increasing the lead by one goal motivated the team to play hard as the centre court work of Caitrin Bush and Becky Haggie had excellent vision in the final quarter, feeding the ball beautifully into the circle. The final quarter saw the Jays storm ahead as the game ended 58-26, a well-deserved victory. The Jays now sit second in the league, as they look to take on Oxford 1sts in the Midlands Conference Cup next week! #GDBO

Written by Charlie Peacock

Cambridge Smash Through Second-Round of the Midlands Cup…

BLUES 73 - 18 BEDFORD 2nds

The Blues played the second round of the cup against Bedford 2nds on Wednesday. With Nicky Taylor (Selwyn) and Laura Spence (Homerton) both injured they were playing with only 8 players so it looked to be a tiring match. As always the Blues were on fire, with defensive combination of Hayley Smith (St. John's) and Charlotte Plumtree turning over almost every ball. Off to a good start they ended the first quarter 23-4 up. Emily Coulter (Selwyn) and Jodie Green (Clare) provided reliable centre court play, helped by the excellent shooting from Frances Lee-Barber (Selwyn) and Izzy Bell (St Catherine's). At half time and 40-6 up, Sophie Hussey (Homerton) went on at GA and had a lovely game. The Blues came away with a victory of 73-18 and are through to the next round of the cup. 

Man of the Match was given to Emily Coulter.

Written by Emma Langley-Jones 


After a bit of confusion and a manic start, the Jays were not shaken. The feeds from Catrin Bush and Charlie Peacock whipped past the defence and Emily Elliott and Maddy Eno converted them securely into goals. The Jays were on fire in attack as the first quarter ended 28-4. Unfazed by this convincing lead, the Jays continued to push forward as the defence work of Zoe Sciver, Charlotte Salisbury and Hannah Vaughan kept Northampton out as the second quarter capitalised on our early lead ending 52-5. The third quarter continued in this manner, as the Jays passed the ball swiftly down the court, driving forward to provide multiple options for the pass. Going into the final quarter, the Jays led 80-6 as Northampton appeared riled. High energy levels were maintained throughout the match as the Jays edged towards the centenary. The match finished on a strong-note with the Jays finishing as they started ending on a solid 101-9 to the Jays. 

Written by Charlie Peacock 

A Controversial Match


The day didn't begin well when Birmingham didn't have the sports hall available on time, delaying play by an hour. After a controversial chat between captains about warm-up space, it was clear Cambridge would not be pushed around.  Birmingham as ever came out with a lot of fiestiness. Alongside a rather loud home crowd which slightly rattled Cambridge's play. Nonetheless Cambridge put in a very strong performance working again the contact difficulties which weren't being picked up.  The attacking duo of Izzy Bell and Frances Lee-Barber successfully capitalised on the shots, with Izzy getting man of the match for the third time this season! Hayley Smith adapted well from her usual WD position to playing in the circle with Charlotte Plumtree , getting tips and interceptions to help Cambridge maintain their lead. Jodie Green and Zoe Sciver both had a solid game at WD stopping the Birmingham WA from making damage. Emma Langley -Jones and Nicky Taylor did some lovely movement and feeds into the circle,  despite facing an angssty opposition. Emily Coulter also lead the team as Captain to the win taking a few players out on her way. All in all a very strongly fought match and a well deserved win, despite the controversies along the way
The Blues next match is at home against Befordshire 1sts - this looks set to be the toughest game of the league!
MoM: Izzy Bell 

Double Victory for CULNC

BLUES 61 – 20 NOTTINGHAM 4ths 
The netball Blues saw off their first cup match with a victory against Nottingham 4ths. Cambridge were off to a strong start with shooters Frances Lee-Barber and Izzy Bell (St Catharine’s) having an almost perfect score-sheet. This saw the home team up a staggering 17-3 after the first quarter. Moving from strength to strength in the Centre Court, Emily Coulter (Selwyn) and Nikki Taylor (Selwyn) were outstanding in their abilities to move the ball down the court whilst delivering reliable feeds into the circle. The second and third quarter saw tougher opposition from Nottingham as a new defensive combination of Hayley Smith (St John’s) and Charlotte Plumtree (St Edmund’s) were trialled, yet they successfully turned over a fair amount of balls, enough to see Cambridge finish on a triumphant 61-21. Bring on the next round!
MoM: Frances Lee-Barber (Selwyn)

The Blues’ next game is away against the University of Birmingham 3rds.
The Jays approached their first cup match on a high after securing victory last week in the league. A solid first quarter was spear-headed by a great shooting effort by Emily Elliott (Homerton) and Sophie Hussey (Selwyn), giving Cambridge Uni an early lead at 14-6. A strong start meant that the team could afford to swap around players’ positions to try new formations however, despite this, in the second quarter, energy levels dropped as Anglia Ruskin pulled it back to 24-19. Fortunately, the Jays upped their game as the third quarter saw them storm ahead, denying Anglia Ruskin the opportunity for a comeback. Solid defensive work from Zoe Sciver (Queens’), Kate Garden (Homerton) and Charlotte Salisbury (Murray Edwards) saw loopy balls picked off, preventing the opposition from using overheads into the circle and leaving Anglia Ruskin struggling to score. The fresh attacking legs of Maddy Eno (Jesus) in the second half kept up momentum through to the final whistle, where the match finished with a convincing win at 52-31.
The Jays’ next game is away against De Montford University 1sts in Leicester
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