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Welcome to Cambridge University Ladies' Netball Club! My name is Sophie and I’m Club Captain for the 2018/19 season. 

This year, for the first time, we will be selecting squads for 4 teams at the beginning of the year, and we are on the lookout for new netballing talent to join our existing club members. We have players whose experience range from playing school Netball to playing Superleague, so we encourage players of all standards to come along to pre-season and trials.

Preseason will begin on Monday 24th September until Sunday 30th and will be hosted at Cambridge University Sports Centre. The week will include three netball training sessions and fitness to help everyone get back into the swing of things! A completed timetable including timings will be uploaded onto the website soon.

Trials will be held the following week on Friday 5th October 4-6pm, make sure you register by emailing slm90@cam.ac.uk with your Name, College, Netball experience and 1st and 2nd choice positions. 

For those interested in our summer fitness plan please get in touch. There is a fitness plan spanning 6 weeks that should prepare you nicely for preseason and hopefully the season ahead!

We love to hear from anyone that is interested in joining CULNC so feel free to send me an email, and I look forward to meeting you soon! 

Sophie Maitland

CULNC Club Captain 2018/19


Jays vs Nottingham Trent 18/11/2015 WIN

Team GS Fran GA Maddy WA Becky C Catrin WD Chloe GD Becca GK Kate Subs Zoe and Laura. A gripping match,with more turmoil than storm barnaby that rages outside. The jays, 3rd in the league table, faced Nottingham Trent, a tough opposition and a skilful team. The first quarter set us up well with a 6 point lead 15-9 and a positive attitude from the jays. Excellent shooting and the work around the D much improved from our training. Defence in the defending circle was excellent throughout with Becca and Kate consistently keeping them out of the danger zone.  The opposition could shoot successfully from far out in the D so good defence all down the court was crucial. At half time we were 7 up and at 3/4 time we were 42-34 and the final score was 54-48. The drama really came in the final quarter when Nottingham Trent pulled it back to within 2. A very stressful moment all round especially for captain Trin who had subbed herself off! Coach Helen was worried but the Jays spirit shone through and we pulled away again to be clear by 6 at the final whistle.

A fantastic win for the jays as they look to move further and further up their new league. Thanks to our Coach for the tactics and to all the wonderful supporters!

Jays vs Staffordshire 11/11/2015 WIN

The first Cup match of the year saw the Jays face Staffordshire. Despite the opposition being in a lower league, the Jays were not complacent coming into the game, ready to face anything. Unfortunately some players from the opposition had a mishap with their satnav and ended up in London, not Cambridge. This meant that they started with only 6 players, with no WD against Becky Haggie. The Jays shot ahead to establish a considerable lead in the first quarter. The missing players arrived for the second quarter which actually improved the quality of the Jay's game, as they started to think more tactically about progressing the ball up the court leaing to some fantastic passages of play. The lead extended to finish with a considerable gap of 64-23. Player of the match Maddy Eno for some brilliant shooting and court play. Thanks to Helen, our coach for her support and advice and for the blues for their support!!

GS Emily GA Maddy WA Becky C Trin WD Chloe  GD Becca GK Kate Subs: Fran Kate Emmaline Zoe

Blues vs Loughborough 11/11/2015

The blues were up against Loughborough this week who they predicted would be tough competition. They started well with interceptions through out the court leaving them two up after the first quarter. The second quarter saw some stylish play however it wasn't quite enough to hold the lead and we were down by two at half time. Half time changes saw birthday girl Nicky Taylor to C and Izzy Bell to GS but despite everyone's best effort they were three down at the end of the quarter. They remained three down until there were only 2 minutes left. Due to the amazing support from the jays and some absolutely outstanding play and shooting from the captain Frances Lee Barber they managed to bring it back to 44 all when the whistle blew. Player of the match Frances

Jays vs Birmingham 3rds 04/11/2015

The Jays truly are flying high. A second win for the Jays against (at the time) top of the league Birmingham 3rds – cracking match; up first quarter, drew second quarter, lost third quarter, and with a phenomenal amount of support from the side line (thank you!!) won the final quarter to come out 58-52 WIN! Huge match to win and the Jays are buzzing. Special mention to Maddy Eno who managed to make Becca’s fan club split their allegiances due to her fantastic shooting – right on form. Brilliant play from Emmaline and Becca in defence picking off ball after ball despite missing KG on court. KG who had made a small commute from Switzerland was unable to play for technical reasons was an essential force on the side line – not to miss the adrenaline rush of the last quarter! Fantastic play from Chloe in WD forcing pressure on the Birmingham attack was closely followed by Laura bursting with energy who it turns out is not only brilliant at WA but also at WD. Great game all round and thanks to Birmingham for some excellent netball and to our devoted supporters for watching.    

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