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Welcome to Cambridge University Ladies' Netball Club! My name is Sophie and I’m Club Captain for the 2018/19 season. 

This year, for the first time, we will be selecting squads for 4 teams at the beginning of the year, and we are on the lookout for new netballing talent to join our existing club members. We have players whose experience range from playing school Netball to playing Superleague, so we encourage players of all standards to come along to pre-season and trials.

Preseason will begin on Monday 24th September until Sunday 30th and will be hosted at Cambridge University Sports Centre. The week will include three netball training sessions and fitness to help everyone get back into the swing of things! A completed timetable including timings will be uploaded onto the website soon.

Trials will be held the following week on Friday 5th October 4-6pm, make sure you register by emailing slm90@cam.ac.uk with your Name, College, Netball experience and 1st and 2nd choice positions. 

For those interested in our summer fitness plan please get in touch. There is a fitness plan spanning 6 weeks that should prepare you nicely for preseason and hopefully the season ahead!

We love to hear from anyone that is interested in joining CULNC so feel free to send me an email, and I look forward to meeting you soon! 

Sophie Maitland

CULNC Club Captain 2018/19


Selection 1

Congratulations to the following who were successful in today's trials:

  1. Alice Tebboth GK/GD (7)
  2. Amy Arnell GK/GD (9)
  3. Tabbi Reed C/WA (11)
  4. Lydis Sefton-Minns WA/C (12)
  5. Tabitha Brough C/WD (13)
  6. Rosie Cates WD/GD (16)
  7.  Amy Curran C/WD (17)
  8. Pip Elmer GK/GD (18)
  9. Anne-Marie Bowring GD/WD (20)
  10. Chloe Fairston WD/GD (22)
  11. Imogen McLean C/WA (32)
  12. Shulthi  GA/GS (38)
  13. Natasha Howley (40)
    14. Sarah Longworth GD/WD (43)
    15. Lucy Cryer GA/GS (56)
    16. Philippa Chambers C/WA (57)
    17. Kathryn Evans C/WA (63)
    18. Jemima Currie C/WA (65)
    19. Abi Hands GK/GD (66)
    20. Faith Inch WA/C (67)
    21. Lucy Symington WA/WD (82)
    22. Mini Smith GS/GA(83)
    23. Martha Stevens GD/GK (84)
    24. Sophie Kerry C/WD (85)
    25. Georgie Vale GD/GA (86)
    26. Georgia Billings WA/C (87)
    27. Emily Evans WD/GK (88)
    28. Becky Illingworth GA/GS (89)


We ask that those wishing to trial turn up 30 minutes before the allocated time in order to register.

Friday - 15:30

Saturday - 20:30


Trials will take place over two days.

The first day will be for any new members of the University or members of the University who are not already members of CULNC.

Day 1 will be at Cambridge University Sports Centre on Friday 6th October, from 4pm to 6pm.

The second day will be for those successful on the first day plus current members of CULNC.

Day 2 will be at Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre on Saturday 7th October, from 9pm to 11pm.

Each person wanting to trial is required to pay a fee of £5 to cover the booking of the sports halls. Failure to pay this will mean the individual will not be able to trial.

The results of trials will be posted here, shortly after each trial period has ended.

Any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: cjm227@cam.ac.uk

Preseason Timetable 2017

Monday 25th September: 6-8pm

Wednesday 27th September: 6-8pm

Thursday 28th September: Zumba 5-6pm @ The Union

Friday 29th September: 4-6pm 

Sunday 1st October: 10-11am Fitness Session

Friday 6th October : TRIALS 4-6pm 

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