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Jays vs Nottingham Trent 18/11/2015 WIN

Team GS Fran GA Maddy WA Becky C Catrin WD Chloe GD Becca GK Kate Subs Zoe and Laura. A gripping match,with more turmoil than storm barnaby that rages outside. The jays, 3rd in the league table, faced Nottingham Trent, a tough opposition and a skilful team. The first quarter set us up well with a 6 point lead 15-9 and a positive attitude from the jays. Excellent shooting and the work around the D much improved from our training. Defence in the defending circle was excellent throughout with Becca and Kate consistently keeping them out of the danger zone.  The opposition could shoot successfully from far out in the D so good defence all down the court was crucial. At half time we were 7 up and at 3/4 time we were 42-34 and the final score was 54-48. The drama really came in the final quarter when Nottingham Trent pulled it back to within 2. A very stressful moment all round especially for captain Trin who had subbed herself off! Coach Helen was worried but the Jays spirit shone through and we pulled away again to be clear by 6 at the final whistle.

A fantastic win for the jays as they look to move further and further up their new league. Thanks to our Coach for the tactics and to all the wonderful supporters!