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Jays vs Staffordshire 11/11/2015 WIN

The first Cup match of the year saw the Jays face Staffordshire. Despite the opposition being in a lower league, the Jays were not complacent coming into the game, ready to face anything. Unfortunately some players from the opposition had a mishap with their satnav and ended up in London, not Cambridge. This meant that they started with only 6 players, with no WD against Becky Haggie. The Jays shot ahead to establish a considerable lead in the first quarter. The missing players arrived for the second quarter which actually improved the quality of the Jay's game, as they started to think more tactically about progressing the ball up the court leaing to some fantastic passages of play. The lead extended to finish with a considerable gap of 64-23. Player of the match Maddy Eno for some brilliant shooting and court play. Thanks to Helen, our coach for her support and advice and for the blues for their support!!

GS Emily GA Maddy WA Becky C Trin WD Chloe  GD Becca GK Kate Subs: Fran Kate Emmaline Zoe