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Jays vs. Nottingham 3rds 28/10/2015

Another nerve racking Wednesday for the Jays as they set out for their away game, still finding their feet in Midlands league 2b. Keen for a win against their first opposition of the season, Nottingham 3rds, the Jays put out a brilliant performance to beat Nottingham 46-31. We kicked off the match with a small lead which was extended throughout the game. The opposition’s attacking play didn’t shake us, captain Catrin Bush kept the team cool as we fought for every ball to extend our lead further and further. On the occasion that Nottingham came back a few goals the hours of training already put in meant that the Jays played their own game; the killer interceptions by the circle defence combination KG and Becca were over and over pinged up the court, despite tight defence from the opposition. Player of the match Kate Garnett at WD played a key role in linking the defence and attack and ensuring the ball didn’t get stuck in the centre court. Captain Catrin Bush had a brilliant game at centre with some fantastic feeds going into the D and she played hard right until the last whistle. We were delighted to have Maddy Eno back in the squad and she certainly delivered the goods, working with Emily Elliot, and Fran, to cleverly pass the ball round the D against a very close (in all respects) defense. The shooters stayed strong throughout and put up goal after goal (46 infact) for the Jays. All in all the Jays LOVE to win – and did so in style. Huge excitement for CULNC with the first double win of the season. Bring on next Wednesday.