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Jays vs. Loughborough 3rds 21/10/2105

TEAM 21/10/2015:

GK: Kate Garden

GD: Becca Hitchings

WD: Kate Garnett

C: Catrin Bush ©

WA: Becky Haggie

GA: Emily Elliott

GS: Fran Jenkins

Subs: Zoe Evans, Megan Lockey, Elly Harrison

The Jays set off from the drizzle of Cambridge for their second BUCS Wednesday to play Loughborough 3rds on their extraordinary home turf aka ‘the netball centre’. While some of us woke up with butterflies for the upcoming match, GD Becca Hitchings woke up excited to snoop around their facilities. Fortunately we weren’t so intimidated when we arrived when we saw the (almost) Cambridge blue sports hall walls. Error Loughborough. This was followed by a good warm up and a fairly dominant first half, with the scores neck and neck. Brilliant play from the defensive circle (Becca and players player, Kate Garden) picked off ball after ball of the Loughborough attack. Pressure put on the Jays getting it out of defence leading to frustration but the girls worked hard using front cuts and making sure there is always more than one option. Half time hit us and the pressure was still on, we hadn’t pulled away but stayed positive. We had no changes which was a challenge to our fitness, and was possibly the reason for dropping 5 points behind by the end of the third quarter. Calm words from captain Trin urged us to keep our cool – and a complete sub on of Zoe Evans (WA), Megan Lockey (WD) and Elly Harrison (GS) gave an injection of new energy in the final quarter. Sadly we still couldn’t turn the tide of Loughborough finishing the game 44-34 to them. Despite this all agreed that it was a good match with some nice passages of play – and makes us all excited to come back and smash ‘em next time round!