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#lightbluedomination continues in 2015…

Cambridge Blues continue their undefeated streak against Nottingham Trent 

Cambridge started a bit shaky in attack, but a very strong defence saw flying interceptions from Laura Spence,  Charlotte Plumtree and Hayley Smith.  Despite this Cambridge still led in the first quarter by 4, with some nice bounce passes. Although Notts were certainly aggressive,  Cambridge settled in the second quarter, seeing excellent shooting from Izzy Bell and Frances Lee-Barber. Cambridge finally started playing their own game, with beautiful movement all the way down the court, lengthening the lead. The third quarter saw some changes with Nicky Taylor coming on at WA, helping create some lovely space and Sophie Hussey performing very well in her shooting  alongside Izzy. Jodie Green also came on at WD, causing problems for Notts attack.  Cambridge won the game in the end with a well deserved 35-24. 

Man of the Match: Emily Coulter 

Jays beat Oxford Brookes 65-25 to go top of the league! 
Stepping onto the court this Wednesday, the Jays knew that this match would be no easy feat. Oxford Brookes, having been the only team to have beaten the Jays this season, were top of the league and the team to beat. However, the Jays did not disappoint. Securing a lead of 16-5 in the first quarter, the Jays went out on the offensive setting the pace for the rest of the match. The shooting duo of Maddy Eno and Emily Elliott were on fire in attack, with a near-perfect shooting record. Similarly, the defensive unit of Charlotte Salisbury and Kate Garden kept Oxford Brookes out of the circle, intercepting every ball which came down the court to hold up the play and secure a turnover. The second half saw Oxford Brookes tire as they failed to adapt to the Jays dominating play, as the lead stretched to 42-18 going into the final quarter. The centre court work of Zoe Sciver, Caitrin Bush and Becky Haggie continued to provide excellent service to the shooters, creating several options down the court in order to keep the momentum throughout. The Jays won the game 65-25 to move up to top of the league, a position which they will seek to maintain throughout the remainder of the season in order to secure promotion. 

Man of the Match: Maddy Eno