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BLUES 80 - 21 BEDFORD 1sts

Cambridge expected this game to be the toughest game of the season with Bedford having just been relegated from the league above and being just below Cambridge in the league. As a result the Blues went out hard aiming to give their best possible performances. All the team certainly delivered. Every single player on the court had an absolute stormer; from the unstoppable defence of Laura Spence, Charlotte Plumtree, Hayley Smith and Jodie Green, to the phenomenal shooting of Izzy Bell, Frances-Lee Barber and Sophie Hussey. In centre court, Nicky Taylor also had a fantastic performance, alongside Emily Coulter, giving beautiful passes and providing lovely movement down the court. The Blues took a huge victory of 80-21 over Bedford, that was incredibly well-deserved by the all-round dazzling performances.

Written by Emily Coulter

MoM: Charlotte Plumtree 
JAYS 58 - 26 OXFORD 2nds

Heading to Iffley Road is always a daunting task, especially when the Jays were confronting memories of Varsity 2013. However, it was time to put this behind us as the Jays looked to the match in a positive light - this was our turn to win! Dominating the game from the start, the shooting duo of Maddy Eno and Emily Elliott were on fire in attack, whilst the defensive unit of Zoe Sciver, Charlotte Salisbury and Kate Garden kept Oxford out. With the score standing at 27-11 at half-time, this was really our game to lose. A shaky third quarter only increasing the lead by one goal motivated the team to play hard as the centre court work of Caitrin Bush and Becky Haggie had excellent vision in the final quarter, feeding the ball beautifully into the circle. The final quarter saw the Jays storm ahead as the game ended 58-26, a well-deserved victory. The Jays now sit second in the league, as they look to take on Oxford 1sts in the Midlands Conference Cup next week! #GDBO

Written by Charlie Peacock