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Cambridge Smash Through Second-Round of the Midlands Cup…

BLUES 73 - 18 BEDFORD 2nds

The Blues played the second round of the cup against Bedford 2nds on Wednesday. With Nicky Taylor (Selwyn) and Laura Spence (Homerton) both injured they were playing with only 8 players so it looked to be a tiring match. As always the Blues were on fire, with defensive combination of Hayley Smith (St. John's) and Charlotte Plumtree turning over almost every ball. Off to a good start they ended the first quarter 23-4 up. Emily Coulter (Selwyn) and Jodie Green (Clare) provided reliable centre court play, helped by the excellent shooting from Frances Lee-Barber (Selwyn) and Izzy Bell (St Catherine's). At half time and 40-6 up, Sophie Hussey (Homerton) went on at GA and had a lovely game. The Blues came away with a victory of 73-18 and are through to the next round of the cup. 

Man of the Match was given to Emily Coulter.

Written by Emma Langley-Jones 


After a bit of confusion and a manic start, the Jays were not shaken. The feeds from Catrin Bush and Charlie Peacock whipped past the defence and Emily Elliott and Maddy Eno converted them securely into goals. The Jays were on fire in attack as the first quarter ended 28-4. Unfazed by this convincing lead, the Jays continued to push forward as the defence work of Zoe Sciver, Charlotte Salisbury and Hannah Vaughan kept Northampton out as the second quarter capitalised on our early lead ending 52-5. The third quarter continued in this manner, as the Jays passed the ball swiftly down the court, driving forward to provide multiple options for the pass. Going into the final quarter, the Jays led 80-6 as Northampton appeared riled. High energy levels were maintained throughout the match as the Jays edged towards the centenary. The match finished on a strong-note with the Jays finishing as they started ending on a solid 101-9 to the Jays. 

Written by Charlie Peacock