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Double Victory for CULNC

BLUES 61 – 20 NOTTINGHAM 4ths 
The netball Blues saw off their first cup match with a victory against Nottingham 4ths. Cambridge were off to a strong start with shooters Frances Lee-Barber and Izzy Bell (St Catharine’s) having an almost perfect score-sheet. This saw the home team up a staggering 17-3 after the first quarter. Moving from strength to strength in the Centre Court, Emily Coulter (Selwyn) and Nikki Taylor (Selwyn) were outstanding in their abilities to move the ball down the court whilst delivering reliable feeds into the circle. The second and third quarter saw tougher opposition from Nottingham as a new defensive combination of Hayley Smith (St John’s) and Charlotte Plumtree (St Edmund’s) were trialled, yet they successfully turned over a fair amount of balls, enough to see Cambridge finish on a triumphant 61-21. Bring on the next round!
MoM: Frances Lee-Barber (Selwyn)

The Blues’ next game is away against the University of Birmingham 3rds.
The Jays approached their first cup match on a high after securing victory last week in the league. A solid first quarter was spear-headed by a great shooting effort by Emily Elliott (Homerton) and Sophie Hussey (Selwyn), giving Cambridge Uni an early lead at 14-6. A strong start meant that the team could afford to swap around players’ positions to try new formations however, despite this, in the second quarter, energy levels dropped as Anglia Ruskin pulled it back to 24-19. Fortunately, the Jays upped their game as the third quarter saw them storm ahead, denying Anglia Ruskin the opportunity for a comeback. Solid defensive work from Zoe Sciver (Queens’), Kate Garden (Homerton) and Charlotte Salisbury (Murray Edwards) saw loopy balls picked off, preventing the opposition from using overheads into the circle and leaving Anglia Ruskin struggling to score. The fresh attacking legs of Maddy Eno (Jesus) in the second half kept up momentum through to the final whistle, where the match finished with a convincing win at 52-31.
The Jays’ next game is away against De Montford University 1sts in Leicester