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Light Blues Dominate Yet Again…

NOTTINGHAM 3rds 20 - 50 BLUES 

Once again the Blues opened with a strong performance.  Emily Elliott had a fantastic debut performance for the Blues, playing confidently unphased by the stiff competition. From the outset Cambridge dominated with blues Emma Langley-Jones and Emily Coulter providing excellent feeds into the circle. Cambridge stormed ahead with an 11-3 lead at the end of the first quarter. The defensive duo Laura Spence and Charlotte Plumtree, with Hayley Smith at WD, capitalised on the lead by an incredible number of interceptions. Half-time saw some changes with fresher Frances Lee-Barber, still recovering from injury, also making her debut performance for the Blues. Frances' immaculate shooting alongside Nicky Taylor's fantastic feeds meant that Cambridge lengthened their lead by 12 goals in the last quarter. Izzy Bell had a storming performance getting man of the match for the second consecutive week. One again a dominating match for the Blues!

The Blues look forward to their next match with is a home cup match against Nottingham 4ths 

MoM: Izzy Bell 

JAYS 57 - 16 WARWICK 2nds 

MoM: Maddy Eno