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League Rules

The League Rules, correct for the 2012/13 season, are attached below. See also the Code Of Conduct

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Only resident 'bona fide' student members of the University (undergraduate or postgraduate) are eligible to play in the League or Cuppers. For the purposes of this regulation a 'bona fide' student is defined as one who is in statu pupillari and is therefore:
    1. a matriculated member of a college; and
    2. currently reading for a recognised degree of the University; and
    3. fulfilling the University residence requirements in both time and place.
  2. If - and only if - prior permission is obtained from the League Secretary, the following members of the University may also compete:
    1. other members of the University (e.g. fellows or employees), affiliated to a college; or
    2. members of the University who are not affiliated to a particular college (who may play for any college).
  3. 'Bona fide' degree students at Anglia Ruskin University are deemed to be equivalent to college students (see (1)).
  4. Members of the Clinical Medical and Veterinary Schools may also compete as separate colleges and/or for their own college.
  5. Visiting students officially recognised by the University or a college are eligible provided they satisfy one of the above requirements.
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